2020.10.31 – Rogue River Blue

This week, we talk about: frazetta physiques, cat maintenance supplies, faux-henley necks, corn squeezins, getting off of certain grids, night club comedians, scatman cheeseman or timberlake, sandwich talk attitude, cheese-enjoying contests, moo and boo, star wars boy, half marathons, life on the bayou, ham dog, knife crab, sad frankenstein, how to be a racist leader, johnny knoxville’s current style, infrared rage melon, work narcs, losers being tasty, strafing frogs, cheap guitar pedals, king of the candies, bootleg blizzards, the bose ice cream shop, confectionery one-upmanship, a surprise trivia host, fingernail directors, audition dog, the real draw of the birds, the tremorverse, poor sportsmanship, sad news, labor monkeys, what stevedores do/are, fuck trump, corin’s cajun accent, independent crayfish who don’t need no man, actor music, selling your playlist, kaiju skin lice, and jotham not being cool.

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