2020.10.10 – Follow the Money

This week, we talk about: secret decoder rings, treacle in the lift, pickle ballboys, good vietnam shirts, fashion horses and clothes plates, hand horses, among us, the beginning of autumn, diplomas and omelets, dog waste conflict, halloween stores, undignified dinosaurs, short shorts cop, river phoenix’s friend, velociraptors on google, evil midweek cuties, bear 747, chasing down missing pre-workout, blasting the sleeves off your fedex uniform, vented shirt erotica, doing fusion, jotham’s bogus science award, taking down conor oberst, training your nervous system, poker brain, ripping nuggs, throwing plates, and spotify playlists.

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Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7zela4WkmdQQrMwdR0T4JB?si=uTrHkiywSkO9SJslCLebzg

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