2020.09.19 – Batman Forever Forever

This week, we talk about: general hideousness, party lines, camera-ready airbnbs, diy smoke relief, legal friends, the vow, funny gas, batman forever, val kilmer knowledge, judgement night and spawn soundtracks, writing for the TV guide channel, extant whistling languages, changing viruses, thirsty minds, sexy future computer and the phantom graphics card, gramps flipping tractor tires, fingertip walls, unrelated questions, stealing a dog, supremely chill dude, jerrad’s mic, the chocolate factory festival, past romantic interests, queso fountains, sad mimes, portmanteau you didn’t, spineless assholes, fire-fighting goat, mountain goat ninja warriors, the hoverboard dentist, skinmulation, the benefits of cyborg skin, punishing robots, renner app podcast, getting rich selling calendars, king ralph, and the spotify playlist.

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