2020.08.01 – Frying Culture

Our guest is Justin Jones.

This week: we talk about new light, riverdancing and stomping, sticker vandalism, corin’s sweaty cheese update, zac efron’s superfoods, famous garys, juxtapizozing, how everyone dies on camera, moving west, Jotham’s stupid shirt, dr bronner’s kid a artwork, feeling deadly, cutting perry mason with some heathcliff, desperate sandwich makers, the subway cut, holy grilled cheese, the scatman’s international appeal, growling sharks, the actual limits label, grown in gross pods, corin’s gross news, st pete vs tampa criminals, romain cools about the potato surplus, syllable counts, tomato life-saving and know your food stamps, the color of our energy, and lying like the mouth of a grave.

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Explode Into Colors - “Coffins”

Church of Sun - “Monkey See Monkey Do”

Kristopher James - “Never Had to Find Our Way”

Aerwave - “Indian Summer”

MTVH1N1 - “Suicide Market”

Infinite Third - “Dream(s)”

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