2020.07.11 – PAPERWHEEL

This week: we talk about our separation from WMNF, shoulder injuries, D&D via zoom, 90's music trivia, texting from the same room, urea and lunar regolith, robot defense vests, back sweat in cricket, pikachu revisions, canon-fired brisket, Oderus Fieri, Tim Kinsella's nurple revenge, and Keanu sneakin sweets.

Call us - 727.379.4335

Email us - us@thegncshow.com


MrENC - It’s Just a Matter of Time

Terms - Hoarder of Operations

The Effects - New Isolation

POHGOH - Repeat Exchanges

Palantine - Evil Genius

Kenosobi w/ Keith Elite & Mike Mass - Stand for Something

Alma Contra - Hyper-Bright Instant

Palimony - Grief Cloud

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